Sp Induction Heater - Uk Plug

Sp Induction Heater - Uk Plug
Categories: Chain/Rope,Ropes
Brand: Sykes Pickavant
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The SP Induction Heater + is a redesign and upgrade of the popular Mini-Ductor II and uses new engineering technology for increased energy efficiency and ease of use.Now you can use the power of technology with a flameless heat to quickly release corroded or seized components and other metallic parts.All without the damage normally associated with gas torches. Heats in seconds!All Sykes-Pickavant Induction Heaters use high frequency magnetic fields to create induction heat. When ferrous metallic objects are placed inside these magnetic fields, they heat up in SECONDS - expanding the metal which allows for fast and easy releaseKey features of the SP Induction Heater +Operates cooler for better efficiency, handling and product longevityLong operating cycle timeCarry Case; with storage for all attachments, fits in tool chests for securityIntegrated CE filter improves handling of productSpecifically designed for the UK/EU: 230v/6 amp/1000 watt with full CE certificationLED work light illuminates work area1 year warranty - Parts/LabourA true 1,000 watts max output power availableKit includes rope, u-form and pre-formed coil