Solvent Degreaser, Citrus Based, 25LTR

Solvent Degreaser, Citrus Based, 25LTR
Brand: Ambersil
Size: 25ltr
212.99 GBP
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A solvent degreaser with added citrus power Ambersolv SB1 is formulated for use on grease and grime that may contain multiple contamination types. With all the natural cleaning properties of citrus oils it contains no chlorinated or highly volatile solvents, making it suitable for aviation and MOD industrial use.Features and Benefits Effective cleaning with natural citrus oils Effective soiling such as oil, grease, tar, bitumen, silicone, rubber-based adhesives, oil-based paints, inks and dyes Low toxicity and inherently biodegradable Safe for use on most plastics and all metals and cable insulationTypical Applications Military AviationApprovals Aviation and MOD industry approvedNotes Available in 400ml 5ltr and 25ltr containers