Sheet Metal Cutter/Hole Punch 1.1/8" Diameter Round

Sheet Metal Cutter/Hole Punch 1.1/8" Diameter Round
Brand: Q-Max
Size: 1-1/8in
23.99 GBP
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A quick and easy way to cut clean imperial sized holes in sheet metal up to 16 gauge, these non-rotating hole cutters have a unique design that allows the product to produce a burr free hole. Each product requires a hexagon key to operate it, which can be purchased separately. Manufactured from high quality steel, each cutter is finished with an anti-corrosive treatment and can be purchased in a variety of imperial sizes.Features and Benefits Available in a range of sizes to suit your specific application and requirements Manufactured from durable steel Anti-corrosive surface finish further protects the product from wear and tear Capable of cutting mild steel up to 16swg (1.62mm), stainless steel up to 16swg (1.62mm), sheet copper, brass and aluminum up to 2.0mm for versatility of use Heat treated for overall product longevityTypical Applications Construction Engineering Automotive