Shallow Tray for Mobile Storage Unit Blue

Shallow Tray for Mobile Storage Unit Blue
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Brand: Zoro Select
Color: Blue
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For use with mobile storage units: SF01M-BEECH (accommodates up to 6 shallow trays), SF03M-BEECH (accommodates up to 12 shallow trays) and SF05M-BEECH (accommodates up to 18 shallow trays). Plastic storage trays are available in three depths: shallow, deep (equivalent to 2 shallow) and jumbo (equivalent to 4 shallow). Each mobile unit can contain a mixture of the three tray types up to it’s own capacity. Trays can be colour coordinated or colour mixed depending on your requirements. A range of colours are available red, blue, green, yellow, violet and clear.Tray Depths: L427mm x W312mmShallow: 50mm Deep: 150mm Jumbo: 300mm