Racksack For Roll Cages, Two Pockets

Racksack For Roll Cages, Two Pockets
Brand: Beaverswood
Color: Blue
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These racksacks with two pockets are an innovative, simple and cost-effective solution for waste segregation in the industrial work setting. Ideal for use on roll containers. Can be fitted by hooking over the sides of the rollcage or by securing using corner eyelets. Hook-n-loop straps also help to secure the middle of the sack.Features and Benefits:Easy to implement and allows immediate easy collection of wasteTwo pockets to organize waste, one 108L capacity upper pocket and one 95L capacity lower pocketHard-wearing and reusable polyester racksacks that are versatile and easily moveableSpace-saving and efficient, the racksacks are compliant with the current EU and UK waste segregation legislationDesigned to save floor space and stop people tripping over on bins that are kept on the floorEnable you to create a tidier, safer and more productive environmentTypical Applications:Warehouse racking, rollcages etc.