Precision Silicone Spray 400ML

Precision Silicone Spray 400ML
Brand: Rocol
Size: 400ml
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A high performance silicone spray providing a colourless, non-stick lubricating film with wide temperature stability for use on slides, chutes, bearings and conveyors. It is a multi-purpose, non-toxic silicone spray for use as an anti-stick agent for chutes and slides particularly those operating in food, pharmaceutical or other clean industries.It has metal detectable plastic components (aerosol caps and actuators) capable of detection by most metal detection equipment. Excellent temperature resistance -50 to +200 degree C. It offers excellent water and chemical resistance to protect even in the most adverse conditions. Long life lubricating film protects components and can offer lifetime lubrication in certain applications. Light film - does not easily transfer. Resists oxidation and corrosion. Aerosol applied for convenience and economy. It has a blue spray nozzle for easy identification as a foodsafe product.Features and Benefits Resists oxidation and corrosion for longer component lifespan Non-toxic, clean and colourless Extended life and reduced waste due to significantly higher levels of active ingredient Wide temperature range -50 to +200 degree CStandards NSF H1 registered and ISO 21469 certifiedNotes Shake aerosol well before use Apply from a distance of 15-30 cm (6-12 inches) For best results apply a light even film Use only in well ventilated areas Test compatibility with plastics and rubbers and painted or coated surfaces prior to application Do not use on silicone rubber Do not use where paints, inks or adhesives are to be applied The storage temperature should be kept below +50 degree C and the storage area should be out of direct sunlight Shelf life is 5 years from date of manufactureWarnings Flammable aerosol