Personal Care Kit 2

Personal Care Kit 2
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Brand: Zoro Select
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These personal care kits consist of 50x disposable fold flat masks, 100ml FastAid 70% isopropyl alcohol hand disinfectant and 100x blue nitrile disposable gloves, EN374. 50x disposable fold flat masks:The single use face masks are designed for use as domestic masks and therefore are not medical grade. They consist of three layers of material to enhance wearer comfort, elastic ear loops and a fixed nose clip to keep the mask securely in place and an anti-fog inner strap that improves ventilation. 100ml FastAid 70% isopropyl alcohol hand disinfectant:The hand disinfectant with moisturizer kills many viruses and other dangerous organisms. Simply spray, leave to dry and in 15 seconds the hands will be disinfected and moisturised. The disinfectant is effective at killing enveloped viruses (COVID-19 family) very quickly, is non-sticky and is suitable for frequent use. 100x blue nitrile disposable gloves, EN374:These high quality disposable gloves offer strength and flexibility. They are ideal for examinations, as well as many other tasks. The gloves have a powder free construction, allowing easy donning and they are latex free, reducing the risk of allergies.