OxyBAC Touchfree Cartridge 1.2LTR

OxyBAC Touchfree Cartridge 1.2LTR
Brand: SC Johnson Professional
Size: 1.2l
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Ideal for use in food handling and healthcare environments, OxyBAC hand wash contains biocidal technology to kill 99.999% of bacteria and germs. Within 30 seconds of applying 1-2 doses, hands are thoroughly sanitised, while skin conditioners leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. Features and Benefits Hypoallergenic and verified to have very low allergic potential Lathers to a rich and creamy foam for soft and smooth skin after use Suitable for healthcare workers thanks to biocidal EN1499 standards Highly economical and provides +30% more washes than lotion soap Hygienically sealed cartridge reduces the risk of external contamination Certified by HACCP International as being a food-safe hand hygiene product