Cleansmann Stainless Steel 30 Litre Motion Sensor Rubbish Bin

Cleansmann Stainless Steel 30 Litre Motion Sensor Rubbish Bin
Brand: Klarstein
Color: gray
Size: 51.5 H x 27.5 W x 36.5 D cm
73.06 GBP
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This rubbish bin is just the impetus you need to keep things clean. It can swallow up all your rubbish and keeps odours in too. The Clansman rubbish bin, from Klarstein, features a voluminous 30 L capacity and has a practical clamp for keeping bin bags in place. When the bag is full, it can be easily removed and stored in the appropriate bin outdoors. You don’t need to touch the bin to put rubbish inside - the automatic sensor opens the lid automatically, as soon as you pass within its 20cm detection range. Simply throw your rubbish in and the lid will close itself automatically, five seconds later. If necessary, the lid can also be opened and closed with a button press, which is ideal for if you need to keep the rubbish bin open for a longer period of time. Indicator lights on the control panel show the current status of the sensor and the battery level. The Clansman rubbish bin also looks great, thanks to its stainless steel bucket and ABS plastic lid, both of which boast a stylish, entirely black finish. With its motion-sensing lid, the Klarstein Cleansmann rubbish bin is a simple and captivatingly elegant way to keep things clean. Colour: Nickel, Capacity: 30 L