Clean Room 3600W Vacuum Cleaner

Clean Room 3600W Vacuum Cleaner
Brand: Klarstein
Color: gray
Size: 92.0 H x 42.0 W x 47.0 D cm
153.99 GBP
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Perfect for those who love DIY and handy tasks around the house. The Klarstein Reinraum vacuum cleaner makes hoovering quick and easy, whether its wet or dry. The brush facilitates cleaning of wet and dirty surfaces, and there is also a rubber strip included. The Klarstein has a large steel tank, so there is plenty of room to suck up all the dirt and dust without having to stop and empty it. Its sealable drain hose can be used to drain the dirty water. The integrated HEPA filter not only keeps the dirt away, but also removes fine dust, pollen and toxic dust particles from the vacuumed air. A padded brush and a joint brush are available for cleaning upholstery and in difficult-to-access angles. It is extremely flexible, though not overly complicated. The integrated 1600W socket with protection class IP44 can be used to drill, circular saw or grinding attachment, so that dust, chips and sawdust can be hoovered up directly without any trouble. An additional switch position causes the vacuum cleaner to be activated only a few seconds after switching on a device at the socket and continues to run beyond the switch-off of the auxiliary device. Two quick-release fasteners keep the engine tight to the tank, and also allows you to release them for emptying the tanks. Four wheels allow the vacuum cleaner to glide up to eight meters effortlessly across the floor, thanks to the long cable, while the handles on the top surface mean transportation of the vacuum is easy.