Class A and B Foam Fire Extinguisher

Class A and B Foam Fire Extinguisher
Brand: Smartwares
Color: brown
Size: 42.0 H x 15.0 W x 11.0 D cm
37.99 GBP
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Always be prepared if a fire occurs thanks to the smart wares fire extinguisher. You can prevent serious damage, injuries by extinguishing fires in an early stage. Ideal to keep at home, in your car, caravan or boat. Fires can spread very quickly and cause a lot of destruction, for example, a fire in the kitchen or a fire that starts in the dustbin. In these situations, it is important to act fast. A fire extinguisher allows you to put out the fire at an early stage to limit the damage and bring people to safety. Perfect to keep at home or bring along. You can also mount the extinguisher thanks to the included bracket so you can act fast when a fire occurs. One of the biggest differences between a powder and a foam extinguisher is the amount of collateral damage. The chemicals in a powder extinguisher make it suitable for extinguishing many different fires, but it might seriously damage your electrical devices. A foam extinguisher uses water, foam and therefore is more environmentally friendly and causes less collateral damage.