Cisneros Litter Box Enclosure

Cisneros Litter Box Enclosure
Categories: brandArchie & Oscar
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: white
Size: 35.5 H x 50.7 W x 37.4 D cm
103.99 GBP
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This cat litter tray box has been designed with a platform of 6.3mm gaps to allow litter from the paws of your cat to fall back into the litter box. This in effect keeps your floors clean and litter-free. The litter tray is easy to clean. The whole body can be taken apart and easily cleaned. For litter, scooping raises the platform and scoop away. The box includes a complimentary air odour eliminator. The odour eliminator fits in a compartment in the litter tray and detects when your cats leave the box, it then releases negative ions and air freshener to eliminate bacteria and odour.