Cisco 6 - Light Novelty Bulb Pendant

Cisco 6 - Light Novelty Bulb Pendant
Brand: Borough Wharf
Color: black
Size: 35.0 H x 53.0 W x 53.0 D cm
205.99 GBP
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The hanging lamp has 6 flames and consists of a black metal frame. The light sources are each attached to the ends of three metal rods and are mounted at different heights on the frame. The unique design of the lamp becomes a real eye-catcher, which at the same time brings your dining table or kitchen table to the fore. The hanging lamp offers space for six light sources, which can each be attached to the ends of three black metal rods. The rods are attached to the black metal frame and ensure that the light sources can provide great light at different heights. Overall, this creates a straightforward look, which fits into an interior in industrial design or elegant design. In addition to the dining room, the lamp also fits perfectly in the living room or bedroom. Do you already have an idea where you want to place the unique pendant lamp?