Christopherso Swingan Monkey Swing Seat with Adjustable Rope

Christopherso Swingan Monkey Swing Seat with Adjustable Rope
Categories: Chain and RopeRopes
Brand: Freeport Park
Color: brown,green
Size: 253.11 H x 27.94 W x 27.94 D cm
49.99 GBP
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Swinging outdoors is the most wholesome and fun-filled way to spend playtime. With this disc swing, the entire family can take a turn! The swing hangs free and can swing and twist in any direction, providing great movement input for your child. The disc swing is designed with your child in mind: the sturdy 11" ridged seat and heavy-duty rope allow your child to feel secure & comfortable and focus exclusively on having fun! It is constructed with high-quality durable plastic making it just perfect for the constant playtime it has to endure. This swing adapts to any setting with its adjustable rope length, it can be attached easily to a frame, tree or ceiling for many hours of fun for the entire family! The swing comes fully assembled with ready to attach “o” ring & snap-hook connections for easy installation along with other playground accessories. The disc swing is small and lightweight, making it a compact swing you can take with you anywhere you go: on a picnic, camping trip or holiday. Your children will all enjoy the disc swing immensely, as it provides hours of swinging and spinning fun.