Christmas Pudding Fabric Floor Door Stop

Christmas Pudding Fabric Floor Door Stop
Brand: Nicola Spring
Color: brown,green,red
Size: 28.0 H x 19.0 W x 19.0 D cm
23.99 GBP
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Bring some seasonal rustic chic to your home or workplace with this set of classic Christmas Pudding Door Stops - part of the immensely popular Nicola Spring Homewares collection. Plush Door Stoppers have become an almost ubiquitous Interior Design Accessories trend in recent years, and with the classic Christmas Pudding and other christmas themed stoppers such as Santa or Rudolph, you’ll find it easy to add an extra dash of warmth and Christmas Spirit to any room. Standing a cute 27cm tall, but with a sturdy 1kg of sand inside, you can rely on it to hold the door for you all day long. The fluffy finishes and textures create that stand out affect and with a loop handle on the top, you can move it from door to door with ease. Whether your home is decked out to the 9’s for the christmas madness to begin, or you want subtle touches of seasonal spirit - with this Christmas pudding stopper, your door is always open. Invite them in today!