Chloe-Ann Matte Peel & Stick Mural

Chloe-Ann Matte Peel & Stick Mural
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Brand: Union Rustic
Color: yellow
Size: 50cm L x 50cm W
93.99 GBP
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Dimensionally stable and crack-bridging. Insensitive to temperature fluctuations. Resistant to humidity. Free of PVC, plasticizers, and solvents. Removable in whole sheets and even reusable. Environmentally friendly latex printing. Brilliant printing inks. Sunlight-resistant printing, no fading. Certified printing ink. Surface and application: Does not adhere to. Base plaster, smooth plaster surface, rough plaster surface, and coarse woodchip wallpaper. The surface must be free of dirt, dust, silicone and oil-based paints, and latex paint. With freshly painted walls, you should wait for at least 3 weeks. Ready cut into a round shape.