Chime Doorbell Kit

Chime Doorbell Kit
Brand: Zennox
Color: white
Size: 10.0 H x 6.0 W x 4.0 D cm
24.99 GBP
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This innovative wireless doorbell kit includes a portable plug-in chime and a slim-line bell push with an amazing 51 different tones and melodies to choose from. Completely wireless you can place the receiver anywhere within your home, or even move it from room to make sure you never miss the doorbell again. The doorbell can be positioned up to 120 metres from the chime and transmits through walls and ceilings. Simply attach the bell push to the wall or door frame using the double-sided adhesive pad and connect it with the chime using the pairing button. You can also adjust the volume to your desired level and a flashing light will emit from the chime to indicate that a visitor has arrived. In addition to this, the plugin chime also has a built-in light sensor which will illuminate the unit in dark rooms and hallways. The bell push/transmitter requires 1 x 23A 12V battery (included).