Chesler 1 Light LED Decorative and Accent Lights

Chesler 1 Light LED Decorative and Accent Lights
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: brown,gray
Size: 13.0 H x 10.0 W x 10.0 D cm
27.99 GBP
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These striking decorative and accent lights make ideal table centrepieces, brighten dull windows and look fantastic for outdoor entertaining. The options are endless as to how you can show off this beautiful piece. These mosaic balls are crafted from hardwearing aluminium, glass and a waterproof solar panel. The mosaic design casting a stunning multi-coloured surface pattern when alight. Weatherproof and fully waterproof, these lights look fantastic indoors or out, standing up to rain and shine! The solar light takes its power from the sun, charging throughout the day and providing stunning bright light come dusk. Simply place in a sunlit area and allow the lamp to charge itself, automatically lighting up when darkness falls and providing hours of multi-coloured or white light. The replaceable/rechargeable Ni-MH battery gives up to 8 hours of light each night when fully charged. In winter, or during prolonged periods of dull weather, you can still enjoy these by replacing the solar light with a standard tea light or candle!