Cheadle Silent Wall Clock

Cheadle Silent Wall Clock
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Brand: Union Rustic
Color: gray
Size: 42.0 H x 42.0 W x 0.4 D cm
136.99 GBP
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A high-quality wall clock on the premium class glass. The wall clock is made of safety toughened glass. The glass edges are matt bevelled. The clock is safe in use. The clock production technology complies with 2B2 safety class - high impact resistance guaranteed. The glass wall clock is ready for hanging. The distancing foam pads positioned at the bottom ensure the clock is evenly distanced from the wall. The wall clock is equipped with a modern smooth mechanism providing for silent clockwork. The clock design is solidly made with the use of modern printing technologies. The pattern on the glass reflects natural colours in high saturation. Each clock item is suitably wrapped in air-bubble film preventing any damage to the clock. The corners of the image are fitted with plastic protections for transport. The image is placed in rigid EPS elements and then positioned in a strong multi-layer cardboard box.