Charo Soft Close Round Toilet Seat

Charo Soft Close Round Toilet Seat
Categories: brandBelfry Bathroom
Brand: Belfry Bathroom
Color: white
Size: 4.5 W x 3.75 D cm
44.83 GBP
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A classic for the bathroom - the Savio Soft Close Round Standard Toilet Seat with its signature curve lid. This toilet seat is made of high-quality thermoset and offers a comfortable sitting position and stability. Moreover, it has a really practical function. Loud shutting of the lid is a thing of the past with the easy-close soft lowering function. The toilet lid closes softly and quietly. The high-quality seat is also suitable for use on toilets in high public traffic areas, such as stores, practices, or offices, because it is very scratch-proof, break-resistant, durable and even resistant against cigarette butts. The high-quality surface is also easy to clean. Moreover, the chrome-plated plastic mount is flexibly adjustable.