Chamness Bird Cage in Antique

Chamness Bird Cage in Antique
Categories: brandArchie & Oscar
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: black
Size: 175.0 H x 56.0 W x 87.0 D cm
217.99 GBP
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This cage is ideal for budgies, cockatrices, smaller conjures and parakeets. It features a top opening to which you can add a perch which allows your bird to sit out of the cage. It also has 3 spring loaded feeder doors so you can feed your bird without having to put any hands in the cage. It has a removable tray to allow easy cleaning and comes with a stand on wheels to allow the cage to be moved about with ease. This cage comes with 2 perches and 3 feeder bowls, a secure clock face lock means even the craftiest and cleverest of birds can’t escape.