Ceramic Coated Rectangular Baking Dish in Red / White

Ceramic Coated Rectangular Baking Dish in Red / White
Categories: brandSymple Stuff
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: red
Size: 4.0 H x 40.0 W x 27.0 D cm
37.89 GBP
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Avoid having a kitchen nightmare with the aluminium baking dish. This ensures in the case of accidental overheating, the coating will not blister and release toxic fumes into your cake or kitchen. You should have no issues creating the perfect meal. Having a ceramic coating, there fore less energy is spent heating the dish. The non-stick coating also has exceptional hardness and durability and offers health and ecological benefits. The red and white design will bring freshness and touch of colour to your kitchen. So when you are baking a delicious cake, cookies, pasta or roasting meat and vegetables the only thing you need to concern yourself about is how good it will taste.