Centerton 10m x 52cm Matte Paste the Wall Wallpaper Roll

Centerton 10m x 52cm Matte Paste the Wall Wallpaper Roll
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Brand: Union Rustic
Color: red,gray,black
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They have gone even further to reduce the environmental impact of their wallpapers with the launch of their “Back to Nature” range of wallpapers for which they re-designed even the packaging to use with 100% biodegradable plastic-free materials, even going as far as eliminating the use of plastic tape and polythene wrap. The artwork has been designed by Courtney Brims, known for her beautifully detailed drawings and illustrations of animals where nothing is quite what it seems. In this design snakes, rats, snails, skeletons and moths adorn the classical flowing vines and flowers in various stages of incompletion, the ‘Back to Nature’ wallpaper collection resonates with nature in both its design and making. This wall-covering is printed on Union Rustics standard wallpaper using pulp from sustainably managed forests, with ultra-low VOC inks and for every roll sold, one additional tree is planted in areas of Africa heavily affected by deforestation.