Caya Plastic Auto Rewind Hose

Caya Plastic Auto Rewind Hose
Categories: brandDakota Fields
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: gray,yellow
Size: 40.0 H x 22.0 W x 42.0 D cm
85.99 GBP
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Make gardening that much easier by using the automatic rewind hose, designed to save your time and effort and to make watering your plants, borders and grass easier. It features a clever lock feature that ensures the hose stays in place, you can then easily extend it further or let it automatically retract back into its robust plastic housing. It gives you total control and freedom to water your garden freely with its impressive 20-metre reach. This automatic rewind hose comes complete with the fixtures and fittings to secure it to a wall, it will also give you a 180-degree range of motion to make watering even easier. The hose itself is made of PVC and the automatic retraction will prevent kinks and tangles in the hose, ensuring longer life.