15MM Speedfit 'Superseal' Pipe Insert

15MM Speedfit 'Superseal' Pipe Insert
Brand: John Guest Speedfit
Color: White
Size: 15mm
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The Superseal Pipe Insert has been developed to be used with Speedfit Barrier Pipe and Speedfit fittings to provide an extra line of defence when installing a Speedfit Push Fit System. The insert has its own ORing which, together with a Stem sliding within the pipe ID, gives a secondary seal against the inside of the fitting.The Speedfit connection, when made with the Insert, has a number of design features.Sliding the stem of the insert into the pipe gives greater compression of the main ORing on the pipe and greater rigidity of the length of pipe within the fitting, reducing the chance of leaks if a side load is applied. A connection is easier to make because the head of the insert has been designed for ease of insertion.Push-fit Solution for Plumbing & Heating SystemsFor use with mains fed and indirect cold water systems, vented and unvented hot water systems, vented and sealed central heating systems. Pipes Speedfit fittings can be used with copper pipe to BS EN 1057 and Speedfit cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) Barrier Pipe to BS7291.NOT to be used with gas, fuel oil or compressed air applications. Speedfit fittings cannot be used on stainless steel pipe. Standards Speedfit products are designed and manufactured under a fully integrated system assessed by B.S.I. to BS EN ISO9001. They are approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme and BBA. Speedfit PEM and PKM fittings and Speedfit barrier pipe are kitemarked to BS7291 Part 1 and 3, Class S. (Licence No. KM39767).Pipe in ceilings and roof voids should be clipped every metre and should not be fitted any closer than 60mm from the end of the fitting. Pipe should be adequately supported by pipe clips to prevent undue stress (side load) on fittings.Can only be used with water or oil based paint, not cellulose based paints, paint thinners or strippers, solder flux or acid-based descalents or aggressive household cleaning products. Speedfit products, when used indoors, are not affected by sunlight. When used outdoors protect from ultra violet light by lagging or painting.It is recommended that all installations are checked prior to use to determine that a seal has been made.