Brand: Matlock
Color: Yellow
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Manufactured from 0.9mm steel and complete with a full welded construction, this range of storage cabinets for flammable objects are suited to keeping your flammable items separate for safety purposes. Finished in an epoxy powder coat paint in a vibrant yellow colour and boasting flammable warning stickers, each product has 75kg capacity adjustable shelves and a lift out waste spillage sump. The strengthened rebated doors are secured via a two way locking handle and are designed to maintain integrity for a thirty minute fire rating. Available in a range of sizes and specifications to suit your needs.Features and Benefits Available in varying sizes to suit your requirements Finished with a yellow epoxy powder coat paint to bolster resilience to wear and tear as well as providing visibility Flammable stickers provide complete visibility of the contents and improve safety Is fully lockable via the two way locking handle (supplied with two keys) to secure the flammable objects inside Is designed to hold its integrity for up to thirty minutes under fireTypical Applications Ideal for use when storing flammable containers, liquids and fabrics to keep your workplace safe and segregated from potential hazards Can be used as a free standing unit and smaller units can be wall mounted