10MMX125MMX500MM Ground Flat Stock Gauge Plate - 01 Tool Steel

10MMX125MMX500MM Ground Flat Stock Gauge Plate - 01 Tool Steel
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Brand: Zoro Select
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A medium alloyed oil hardening steel with excellent cutting force and toughness, excellent dimensional stability. Supplied in the annealed condition, precision tolerances provides toolmakers with a decarburization free surface, plus a high wear resistance after heat treatment, ideal for a multitude of applications: dies, press tools, punches, gauges, cams machine cutters and marking devices. Line ground all edges up to and including 50mm wide in the thicknesses up to and including 6mm. All other dimensions are rotary ground on edges. All edges and ends are deburred thicknesses of 10mm and above will be supplied with sawn ends, thinner sections are supplied with sheared ends. A.I.S.I. O1 GFS - Chemical analysis Carbon (C) 0.95% Silicon (Si) 0.25%Manganese (Mn) 1.20%Chromium (Cr) 0.50%Tungsten (W) 0.50%Vanadium (Va) 0.20%S&P up to 0.035% maximum.Equivalent specifications:AISI: O1, Werk. No: 1.2510, AFNOR: 95 mcwv5, British Spec.: BS4659 BO1.Metric.TolerancesThickness: +/-0.05mm/-nilWidth: 0.2mm/-nilLength: Nominal