Potential Home Fire Hazards

  • 17 Jan, 2022

Home fire hazards are not always what you would expect, and they can seriously impact our lives if left unattended. Is it vital that we are aware of any dangers that may lurk in our safe space, so we can take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves, our animals and our loved ones. The more knowledge we have, the more we can pass on.

fire safety is an important aspect of helping to prevent fires around the home. Always have a fire extinguisher that is easily accessible. This can be purchased from any local hardware store. Remember to get the correct size for your dwelling.

Don't Play With Matches

Fire hazards in the kitchen can either be a result of damaged or malfunctioning electrical appliances or a careless moment when you are distracted. A kitchen that is untidy or has too many objects on the countertops could also pose a risk.

Flammable items left too close to the stove, a build-up of crumbs in the toaster that causes smoke, grease build-up in extractor fans combined with lots of deep-frying and appliances with exposed wires - these are all potential fire hazards.

Home Fire Hazards To Note

The kitchen is not the only place a fire can occur in your home. The living room, bedroom and even your garden, are spaces to check.

  • Overloaded plug points in the bedroom
  • Fairy lights in the living room
  • The barbecue area in your garden

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Home fire hazards can be prevented by making sure your household and kitchen area is kept as dust-free and uncluttered as possible. Always buy your plugs and adaptors from reputable sources, such as a hardware store, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

What may seem obvious to some may not be to first-time homeowners, so it is important to get a registered electrician in regularly to check that your wiring is up to scratch. Doing all these things will go a long way to ensuring you and your family have peace of mind.