Can You Hang Things On Drywall?

  • 26 Oct, 2021

A drywall looks solid on the outside but can be damaged easily once penetrated. Can you hang things on drywall? In short, yes. However, you need to think carefully about how to do it. Many options are available. This surprises people who write off hanging things from such a wall. Just think about the weight of hanging items and the different types of hooks available.

One solution to the drywall problem is to use screws and anchors. The first option is to use adhesive hooks that stick. There are no holes required and many different sized hooks are available. They can carry up to 3.5 kilograms.

Molly Bolts And Threaded Anchors

Molly bolts are a perfect solution for items over 40kg. The bolts also require a hole to be drilled. Then, the bolt is hit and screwed. Screwing then unleashes support to the back of the wall. Finally, bolts are unscrewed for the purpose of hanging and mounting products.

Threaded anchors can support around 35kg and are made for drywall. They use anchors to support the screws and hang pictures or other items. It is important to size the screws and anchors correctly. They also come in nylon or brass so choose wisely.

Can You Hang Things On Drywall Without Screws

A wire hook is an easy fix and holds weights over 20kg. Push the wire hook in and use it for hanging and mounting products.

Use adhesive hooks to preserve drywallsConsider threaded anchors and molly bolts for even larger weightsWire hooks are easy and require no toolsFrench cleats for easy mounting of large weights

French Cleats

Can you hang things on drywall? French cleats are an excellent solution to the long term hanging of bigger items. It is suitable for many different fixtures such as shelves, wall arts and other items for stability and weight distribution.

French cleats use a 30–45 degree slope and an interlocking system to hang your object of choice. One side is attached to the wall with a face-up angle and the other side is screwed to the back of the item. These two locks together and make a secure bracket.